Powerful Qualities of a great boyfriend

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

There are different types of boyfriends. To me, some are good, bad, ugly and of course the great ones.
I am not going to bore you with details of the first three, maybe that one would be a story for another day.

I am going to talk about the great one here. Below are 2 exciting qualities they exhibit:
·        Great boyfriends are supportive- they are always available, listens attentively to your stories, and shows huge interest in your plans. He is there for you- and supports your goals and dreams. This support is both financially and otherwise. In every relationship, great boyfriends are not pushovers.

They are deeply appreciative in nature- they compliment your looks, haircut, clothes, and jewelleries. For instance, they don’t say you look good. Instead, they can say, ‘wow, your recent hairdo suits the type of your face or your appearance’ this act makes the girl to be confident in themselves and about their personality.  They are also sympathetic to the girls’ plights.

·        Great boyfriends are affectionate & loving- they don’t just express their love by mere words. Instead, they match their words with actions. Showing affection often includes small touches, a kiss, sweet hugs, physical contacts (a light touch on some sensitive places), presenting birthday / anniversary gifts, Valentine gifts, Xmas / New Year gifts and lots more.