Ladies: 10 kinds of boyfriends some of you keep (part 2)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

·        Happening or party boyfriend- this one is another flirt, just like the financially up to date guy. He takes them to Award’s night, fresher’s night, different parties, beauty pageants, swimming, and gym houses.
Some of these guys are students who are either from affluent families, or involved with one or two business dealings.
·        Security boyfriend- this one might be a hostel mate. He may be the president of the hostel or a very popular figure in the street.
He helps to keep them informed if there is any evil plan few cultists are planning towards them or around the hostel. The guy may not necessarily be a cultist, but he has friends that are cultists.
 Usually, he is well-connected to high and mighty and has a towering integrity. He assists girls to get back their phones, jewelleries or other accessories if they were obtained by bizarre-looking cultists.
·        Beauty tutor boyfriend- he is well versed with colour combinations. He tells them what to wear at specific point of time. The type of colour that is suitable to their dressing, shoes and bags.

Sometimes, the girl pays the guy visit in the hostel, where she warm his bed in appreciation for the favours received. In appreciation, the guy may take them to the best beauty salons in town or best tailors around.
·        Hostel boyfriend- yes, this one is most times the highly favoured. He might be in the same age with the girl, or course mate or even the girl’s junior.

What is important is that he is in the same hostel with him, and he enjoys the privilege of eating the girl’s foods, and sometimes keeps part of the money given to her by the financially up to date guy.

He knows the girl has so many boyfriends, sometimes he gets jealous. But his jealousy is overtaken with time, and he becomes normal again.  
Most of them are not bothered, because it was the girl that approached them for friendship.

Sometimes when the girl comes back from weekend, he will hang out with her at the balcony. Of course, the girl will lie, and will not bother telling her all the things that happened.

After which, she will sleep over in his room, and use her money to prepare food for the guy. The guy is usually broke, and but he may be a fine-looking young man.
·        Original / legitimate boyfriend- this is the main boss. The girl visits him occasionally. The girl might be going to all the 9 described above when she is in need or for economic and intellectual gratification, but this is the main man.

Often, he doesn’t disturb him for money. She may even give the guy reasons to believe that she is not dating someone else. Her reasons are simply because she values their union and wants to keep him for a long time.

She does all the domestic activities with joy for him; do laundry for him, sweeps his room, cooks for him, and share emotional feelings with him.
This is serious!
Guys where do you think you belong?

For me, I am married so, am not engaged with any of the above!