Ladies: 10 kinds of boyfriends some of you keep (part 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Some smart ladies know how to switch from one boyfriend to another. Some can keep up to 3- 4 of these people comfortably. These ladies are mainly in the high institution.

When I was in the high institution, I came across some of these ladies,
who confided in me why they switch from one to another.

Some were even bold enough to tell me that each of these boyfriends has the roles they play in their lives. Kindly go through this article and let me know if they were right or just blabbing.

Below are 10 types of boyfriends ladies keep in school:

·        Intellectual partners / academic boyfriend- this type of boyfriend are very creative and intelligent. Usually, he is either a course mate, senior colleague in the department or faculty. The main thing is that he is very strong and mature upstairs.

Most times, the lady doesn’t care if he is good looking or not. All she knows is that the guy takes her to night class, teach her some vital topics, do some or all her assignments and of course stay very close to her during examinations. The funny thing about their relationship is that most times it doesn’t extend beyond this point.
·        Financially up to date boyfriend- most ladies don’t play with this guy. They are always fond of him, calls him 2-3 times a day. Sometimes, the guy doesn’t even pick their calls or even treat them like filthy rags, yet they keep going close to them.
They know that the guy may have up to 4-5 girls, they don’t care. All they know is that the guy is extremely capable of paying their bills. He often pays them every weekend, or monthly, takes care of their feeding, hostel accommodation bills, and even school fees.
The guy himself might be a busy business man, who is always spotted in high profile clubs in different cities with different ladies every weekend.
·        Assistant financially up to date boyfriend- this might be that petty trader that stays beside the school gate. He is just assisting the main guy.
He pays for their minor bills, like taking care of their makeup’s, manicure, pedicure.

 Occasionally, ladies demand fried rice with chicken, pop corn or beverages from them after school. The guy pays them quickly without a second thought.

Some stingy ones among them will always pay if they are usually sleeping with the lady. If they don’t, they will give reasons not to pay some times. Keep in mind that this guy is not rich enough to take care of bigger bills.
The guy might even be working with a not-so-big firm or just doing a petty business. He is classified by most girls as a struggling bachelor.
·        Religious boyfriend- this guy pisses some high class ladies off. This guy might be a church mate, and of course, some of them are extremely holy. While a good number of them is unholy.
They come in the name of preaching to the girl. They often provide the girl with moral instructions, and backed their preaching with few Biblical passages.
 The unholy ones just wish to take the girl to the bed. Since the girl know that they are from the same church.
 She will be calling him ‘brother’ which in reality, she is referring as ‘brother in Christ’. Most times, he doesn’t practice what he preaches.
He is only interested in taking the girl to the bed. But he has to start talking with the girl or hiding under the cloak of religion to perpetrate his crime.
Unfortunately, some of these so-called religious boyfriends are some of these modern-day pastors, evangelists, gospel ministers and so on.
·        Call & fix boyfriend- this guy might be a talented electrical engineering student. He is always called to come and fix minor electrical problems in the hostel room. Then after it, he will be given a 360 degree hug plus a French kiss.
 If the girl is more generous, he can just give him food to eat or prepare an instant nodule or fast food. In appreciation for all these, some gullible guys may even be tempted to give her money to take care of the fast food he just ate.

But one thing is certain; the girl doesn’t usually pay with cash for all the services she received.