How to seductively keep your boyfriend forever

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Do you want to keep him forever? Most guys are ready to do everything for their babes. There is no problem with saying, the question is how long will he keep to his words?

Here are 9 effective ways that will make him to respect you forever:
·        Be independent- men in general likes a woman
that is working or gainfully self-employed. They don’t like a lazy girl. Even if he has more than enough to spend, he likes a girl that makes her own money.
·        Be reserved- guys usually flee from guys that talk too much. The fear is that girls that are too vocal find it extremely difficult to keep secrets.
·        Be apologetic- unfortunately, most girls are always consumed by their egos. They find it difficult to acknowledge their faults even when they are wrong. Such women piss men off. Always learn how and when to say you are sorry.
·        Be confident & optimistic- guys admire ladies that are so optimistic about the future. They adore girls that can stay with them both in good and bad times.
·        Be honesty- honesty, they say is the best policy. Guys love girls with strong moral excellence; a girl that is unique and says the truth no matter whose ox is gored. A girl with self-esteem is always the joy of every man.
·        Appear like an angel once in a blue moon- if you used to see him once in a day, make it once in 3 days (but, you can augment the other time with text and cute messages). You shouldn’t be too available, but also you shouldn’t be too scarce. If you are always at his beck and call, you will definitely appear too cheap.
·        Be moderate- too much of everything is wrong; talk and dress moderately. Don’t be too forward or lousy. If he hangs out with you, don’t ask him to buy everything you see. Let him be the one to ask you whether you need it or not, and be wise in your answers.
·        Live with dignity- always bear it in mind that you are meant to be his soul mate, not a sex-mate. Give him reasons to be proud of you, and never you appear too cheap before him.
·        Be trusted- you must be trustworthy; relationships are built on trust. He will love you more if you can be trusted. Can he trust you?