How to know when you are in love or in lust

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, people find it extremely difficult to know when they are in love or in lust. Some don’t know exactly the feelings they are having.
It is not possible to move from ‘like’ to ‘love’, because the word
‘like’ is only used for inanimate objects. But people can transit from a mere lustful feeling to a more loving scenario.
Unfortunately, some people think that love is the same thing as lust. Funny enough, when you attempt to define this way, you are gradually making love an ordinary thing. Lustful feelings can come and go, it does not last. It fades within a twinkle of an eye, but love in this sense, true love remains.
 Lust can occur at the morning of the relationship, but it will fade afterwards. But true love stays behind; the scripture describes true love as unfailing, enduring, forgiving, self-outpouring and conquers all things.
 The love you have for your partner must hurt; it must come from your heart. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a perfect example of someone who loves till it hurts.
 It must not be boastful or bears any wrong. It must pay good with evil, and good with good. Love is really true when it springs from the heart.
The love you express must be something you hope to get in return. Love is what remains when you must have expressed deep emotional commitments with your partner.

 But lust can fade or begin to wane shortly after engaging in a romantic affair with your partner.  You have fallen in love totally when you wouldn’t mind to enter into a deep commitment with your partner.