How to keep him forever tied to your love: 5 top ways

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Are you a woman? Are you passionate in keeping your man? Have you tried several means, yet it has been unsuccessful? I am going to reveal some secrets to you. I will give you only five tips.
Being a man myself, I know what it is to live in love
with my partner. I know when some girls say they love me, yet they don’t mean it. The same thing applies when people say ‘I love you’ and tried their best to keep to their words.
Below are five tips that can be used today:
·        Don’t lie to him- every man appreciate an honest woman. You can’t say you love him, yet you are untrustworthy or dishonest. Honesty has been described by a critical thinker as the best policy. Tell him everything that is happening around you.

 Tell him about the colleague or boss that is disturbing you in the office. Tell him about your ex that met you few days ago at the shopping mall. Tell him about your ex friend who has been disturbing to have a date with you. I understand that all these may bring out possessive jealousy in him.

This should be expected, but the truth is that it makes him to know you are truthful and you appreciate him very well; that you love him. As a strong woman, you are expected to handle this with care.
·        Don’t glued to your gadgets- In my many years of relationship counselling, I have met so many relationships that crashed because the girl is more occupied with charting and flirting with friends and followers on the social media. Any little you have during the holidays and weekends should be spent entirely with him. It shows him that you love and appreciate him. If you are not there for him, whether you are flirting with others or not, he will think you are a flirt until you prove otherwise.
·        Listen to him- take time to listen to him. No matter how weak you are, try to give him a listening ear. Listen to all his emotional feelings, his wishes, desires and regrets. Also offer your useful suggestions to him.
·        Hug him at all times- always hug him, whether both of you are together in the room or in a public place. Hug him and show him reasons why you care for him. Also, don’t forget to kiss him passionately.
·        Prepare wonderful delicacies for him- do you know that a guy can decide not to marry a girl because she doesn’t know how to cook? I am telling you the truth. I have seen that happen to many people.

 I have also seen many relationships that crashed, because the girl doesn’t know how to cook, and she was unwilling to learn. Your man loves you to be cooking for him. Cooking for him, and cooking a delicious delicacy is one of the reliable ways of keeping him tied to your love.