How to improve your sales & marketing with digital marketing

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

No matter how big or small your organisation is, you really need to improve your marketing, and sales with digital marketing.

What makes the difference in your company is not just the size of the market or your technical aptitude only; instead it is the ability to plan, strategize and execute that creates a unique story.
One of the biggest challenges that plaque online retail and ecommerce stores are inability to drive traffic to their sites. For most people, knowing where and how to stand out from hundreds of competitive companies is really a daunting challenge.
In this short article, I will show you some amazing strategies that will help you to boost your online sales and drive traffic to your ecommerce site. Select the tactics and strategies that are suitable for your business so that you can begin to view the results now:
Post updates daily
One of the easiest ways to grow an amazing online audience is by posting daily contents to your visitor. According to studies, different people react to different posts.
 So find out the type of posts that usually captivates audience from your competitors’ sites and post similar contents on your social media profiles, especially on Facebook and Twitter.
It would be great if you can be making up to six posts daily on Twitter and at least 2-3 times on facebook. The timing of your posts is very essential, try to know the time your customers are active online, and post those times.

Post with images
In photo journalism, an enticing image worth a thousand words. If you want to increase engagement on your social media profile, then try to include images to your posts. Do you know that photos alone have the capacity to generate over 70% likes than just ordinary post.
If you want to promote content or post a message about your business, ensure you include a link to your page within the post. It is preferable to put it after the post, so that it can stand out.

Embed social buttons in your site
You can increase exposure of your communities with the use of social buttons. Some blogs know how to do this. You can put social buttons in the following places:
·        Footer of your blog or site
·        Header of your blog or site
·        In specific blog posts
·        In email structure, and
·        In the newsletter or announcements
Create micro content
Make your contents to be simple, easy to read and digest. Many people have less patience to consume certain contents if the contents are voluminous. But they will easily read it if the blog post were written in concise and readable English. 

Run a Twitter Question & Answer
One of the eminent ways of engaging your users are by running a weekly or monthly question and answer on Twitter. All you need to do is to pick any day of the week, and encourage your followers to post or ask any question relating to your services or really anything.
You will then go ahead to provide answers, select the best questions and use them in your blog post.
With time, people will be getting involved in what you do, and within the shortest period of time, you will build brand as an authority in your field.
Twitter is one of fastest way of making millions of dollars online, and also one of the viable ways of driving huge traffic to your site. Make your site to stand out by engaging with a question and answer posts occasionally on twitter.