How to be a Young Multi-millionaire: 5 proven ways (part 3)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

This is the last stage. Make sure you read to the end.

1.     Offer some value
     Nobody will appreciate you if you are not adding any value to their lives or businesses. Some people think that they can make money easily by
engaging in online fraudulent activities. That is absolutely wrong and evil.

 People can still pay you lots of cash if you can use your intelligence judiciously by creating a nice blog post, great eBook or article for them. They will befriend you and also pay you for it.

 I thank God for giving me the skills to write. I know I have the skills and zeal to write. I have published some articles and news stories in local newspapers and magazines before meeting one of my school teacher- Hilary Umeoka.

I will still take time to talk about this great man, humanitarian and great writer in future. But let me quickly talk about how this man helped me together with many Nigerians to become great earners online.

He taught me Latin in Bonus Pastor Seminary Osina in 1998. Then, I was in Jss2. He was a great teacher, and just finished his secondary education then. I know he was passionate about the new media. One could easily sense it through his motivational talks and speeches those days.

Before bagging a degree in Philosophy years after, Hilary has already developed huge interest about the internet, he has written a book on the internet and the world. By the time I graduated from the University and become a young entrepreneur dealing on clothes and accessories, Hilary was already a self-made millionaire through the internet.

I was amazed when I met him in 2011. He told me his journey towards the internet world and how the internet has shaped his worldviews and have also given him money. I was inspired.

He discovered the passion of writing in me, and quickly encouraged me to come online and make good use of it. He showed me the way by introducing me to his eBook ’50 Ways to make money online’. I read the eBook, and discussed it with him, and the rest became history. Since August 2011 till date, my life has never remained the same. 

I had the writing skills, plus a good laptop and internet connection, within a space of 2 weeks; I started to make hundreds of dollars. The experience had refused to go even with the passage of time. That is why I remain ever indebted to this great guy-Hilary Umeoka.

Now to add value to people’s lives, you must be good at what you do; you must give people what they want. People should be happy doing business with you. I know that it is not possible to provide 100% solutions to people’s problems, but your services must at least greater percentage of their problems- this is the only thing that will make them to keep you.

It is very easy to become a young multi-millionaire in this century than in the previous centuries. But you must be ready to pay the price. Are you ready to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves before you? Are you ready to act now? Are you determined to go the extra mile?

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