How to be a Young Multi-millionaire: 5 proven ways ( Part 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Over the years, I have met people who were young multi-millionaires, and who later went broke due to mismanagement or economic frugality and recklessness. However, that is not what this topic is all about. I am going to tell you 5 proven things you can do today, and you will be on your way to making millions of cash.

 For the sake of time, space and easy assimilation, I decided to take this article bit by bit, so I divided it into three parts. To have a perfect understanding of all, ensure you read them to the end.

These principles are simple, tested and trusted. As a social entrepreneur
and leadership consultant, you can count on my experience. I will never suggest them to you if I have not seen it work for people. I have applied some of these principles, and they really work for me. You will read about my experiences too.

I have come to understand in life that with a laptop and an internet access, you can be as rich as you want to be. This is true, and possible, and your cash flow will keep coming unless you are caught by the cobweb of wealth killers or demons.

 I am sure the CEO of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg is probably richer than what he had thought 10 years back. This is possible with the advent and advancement of information technology in the last lap of the 20th century and of course it’s flourishing in the 21st century.

From the way things are going on now, I believe most people will be thinking of how the world would be in the next decade. Today, the internet has made it possible for someone to start a business with just $100, and within the next 6 months, he or she will be counting in Millions.
 Can you now see why becoming a young millionaire is possible? I always get angry when I see thousands of unemployed youths in my home country, Nigeria moving about aimlessly searching for jobs relentlessly, whereas some of these people are intelligent and they can actually earn a decent living through the internet.
 I have tried to talk to some of these people, some of them are actually graduates, but highly unemployable. They want to be rich, but they don’t have the discipline.

Our age is blessed with multiple opportunities than the previous generations. The opportunities available to us now, weren’t there many years ago for others.
Below are five exciting ways you can become a young multi-millionaire today:
1.     Take advantage of your Financial future now

You are the one that should decide how your want your life to be now, not someone else. And you have to do it now, tomorrow might be too late or you may not have the opportunity then. If you are prepared, once you meet the opportunity, you will land to success easily.

 You don’t need to take certain decisions only when you have graduated from a college or university or when you have landed a better job. I am sure that most people still take a decision at those periods, but no matter where you are now, the decisions you take now can shape your tomorrow for better.

You should have the mental tenacity or clear vision of what you want and the amount of cash you need at a particular point in time. This will direct your focus. Knowledge says Francis Bacon is power. Lack of knowledge is lack of power. The amount of information you have determines the amount of money you would make.

Never depend your happiness on someone or allow someone to make you feel pity of desiring great things of life. Keep in mind that there is no reincarnation. You live only once. If you think you deserve to spend $1 million on cars, clothes, vacations and nothing else, then you should work for it. All these depend on deciding here and now.

2.     Update your brain;

A rich mind is a wealthy mind. You need to grow your brain, feed it with the right information and relevant knowledge. Improve on your knowledge base, don’t just settle for less.

No serious minded person will like to do business with a little mind or a dummy. Spend huge sums of money on anything that will update your financial knowledge like video tapes, eBooks, audio tapes or any material that will increase your financial wealth.

If you really want to be a millionaire, there are millions of books out there that will motivate you to action. Almost 99% of these books will tell you to start acting immediately; there is no time to waste. We are in a new age, and there is a new module of doing business.

 Money making rules are no longer the way it used to be in the past; the rules have changed drastically. Be thirsty for success; be passionate for the latest knowledge. Source for the right information, and go for it.

There are millions of successful entrepreneurs out there to learn from. Get inspired by their works, speeches and new way of doing business. Most of the successful people I know today are those that took huge advantage of new ideas and new products. They were action-takers, not armchair observers.

To be continued....