How to be committed to your lover

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

True love is being committed to your partner. If you are not committed or not ready to enter into a committed union, then you are everything except being in love.
You can be described as being in lust.

 There are several things you can do today that will help you to decide whether you should enter into a contractual agreement, casual or an everlasting commitment with your partner.

In the first place, you must build trust. Love goes with trust. You can’t separate the two. A relationship will suffer if the other party is indecisive or not ready for the relationship.

 If that continues for a long time, the relationship will just die a natural death. I have seen that happen to many people at different times. Try as much as possible to commit to someone who is ready to accept your love.

Secondly, for true love to survive, your partner must be aware of your love. Your expression of love must not sound like a fairy tale. Words are cheap; so your words must not be expressed in words only, garnishing it with deeds will yield multiple dividends.

Thirdly, you need to be friendly with your partner. Once both of you are friendly with each other, and then you will continue to dwell in love. Love exists when both partners are ever ready to embrace each other both in good and bad times.