How to attract & keep your boyfriend happy (Rule 3)

 By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Keep expressing love to him

Welcome to the third rule. How did you fare in the first and second rules? I decided to take it bit by bit so that you can be able assimilate them into your heart and mind.

 I have said it several times that love is a very beautiful thing. How many times have you expressed love to your beloved?  In many relationships
that have lasted a record of time, some lovers feel that it is no longer necessary to keep saying ‘I love you’ to their partners.

They take it for granted that their partners know that they love each other. In as much as your partner is aware that your love for them is strong, you still need to keep reiterating it at all times.

Never grow tired of saying I love you. When you are in love with a guy, his name becomes safe in your mouth. The sound of his name makes a difference in your mouth.

These magical three letters ‘I love you’ has built so many relationships; it has strengthened so many relationships. Lack of saying it has also destroyed a wide range of relationships. So, my dearly beloved, keep saying it okay? There is joy in saying it. Not just mere saying it, also text him occasionally or randomly reiterating the word ‘love’ to him.

Men like to hear this word every day of their lives. Let this word be the first thing you preach to him in the morning after getting up from bed, the first thing you tell him before he goes for work, and the last thing you proclaim to him at night.

 Go ahead and make him happy, he deserves to be happy. He will be happier when you are the source of his happiness.

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