How to attract & keep your boyfriend happy (Rule 2)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Project a dazzling smile

A smiling face gives succour to our heart and mind. I love to see a smiling lady, and so every other guy. Psychologists would say that smile is a good medicine
. Make him happy by smiling to him. When you smile, he is happy, and ever young.

Try to smile even after a little quarrel; it will make him to come back to you. When you wear a smiling look, it shows you are forgiving and full of compassion.

Don’t ever give him reasons to regret knowing you. Don’t make him sad, he deserves the best he can get from you. Smile to him and with him even when you people are passing through difficult times.

 You may not know how therapeutic your smile could be.  Trust me; your smiles can be enough emotional boosters to him. If you don’t know how to smile, please try as much as possible to learn it. You will never regret doing so. Smiling is good to your health and mind.
A smiling face is not an angry face; a smiling face is a happy face. A smiling face is a cute face. A smiling face is a seductive face- when you smile; you inspire others to look at you. You give people reasons to treasure you, and befriend you.

In my many years of counselling, I have met many guys who have rejected certain girls for serious relationship, simply because the girls can’t smile or find it difficult to smile. One thing I have learnt in life is to wear a smiling face just like I wear cloth. I know I am not committing an offence by so doing. It is in me, it is something I treasure very well.

I wish you the best as you put on a smiling face. We will migrate to the third rule. Keep on reading!


Thanks for this wonderful article.

I will start smiling... Well done.

Lol, keep smiling bro, it is the music of the heart.