How to attract & keep your boyfriend happy (Rule 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

The desire of every girl is to keep their boyfriends. Girls who have dated several guys know how difficult it could be to maintain one man.

 Our needs are insatiable, I believe it could be difficult, but it is not an impossible task, though some people present it as a herculean task.

Let me quickly give you a secret. Keeping your boyfriend is one of the easiest things to do. Your relationship can be enduring, long lasting and special if you could do this. Just a small act is enough to keep him ever happy, to keep him ever smiling all the time.

Below are the some of the rules:

Be faithful

All through the relationship, you are expected to be faithful. You must not double date. You must not be found wanting on this. To me, staying faithful is the best gift you can give him.

 Yea, I understand you might be developing some feelings for that office guy that had been disturbing you for a date all these years or that hot guy you met at the college, but never give in to any of these temptations.

Do not upset him. Always remember the love and passion you both shared, and how exciting you were the moment he asked for a date. Don’t forget these things in a hurry. He deserves to be treated with fairness.

If you are faithful to him, there are chances he will return such kind gestures, because one good turn deserves another. When you are faithful to him, you are given him more reasons to love you. You are giving him more reasons to appreciate you.

Stay motivated, till I come back with the second rule!