Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary to me

Today was exactly one year I said ‘I DO’ to my darling wife. It was a giant step I took with the help of God. I thank God for His continuous
Blessings, protection, Grace, love, and favours upon me and my jewel of inestimable value.

 Despite the challenges that have characterized our paths, we have been working hard to ensure a stronger and more unifying relationship.

The marriage took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Umutanze Orlu in Imo State, Nigeria. After declaring us married by a priest of God, I was given an apostolic Blessing from His Holiness Pope Francis 1.

 It was one of the things that made that day memorable. My words and thoughts are filled with thanks to God and to friends for honouring our invitation that day, and for your continued support and prayers all these while.
 I just opened my Facebook page now, and was edified by the number of prayers and good wishes sent from friends. I also received many text messages, and calls from friends.  
Thank you God for creating me, and for creating us out of love and keep saving us because of love.
Thank You for the gift of wisdom bestowed to me and my family.
Thank you for leading me, and making me to be a vessel of love to my young family.
Thank you for giving me a Godly woman.
Thank You for giving me a woman filled with love, understanding and favours. I have seen what it means to marry a virtuous woman, likened like those whose praises were sung in the Scriptures.  
Thank you for the gift of our families.
Thank you for the gift of our unborn children.
Thank you so much for giving us great friends, in-laws, and well-wishers who are always there to cheer us up if when going seems tough. Thank you for giving us more than we can ever think of or ask for.
As we enter the second year, may it be a year of more favours, Blessings, breakthroughs, and unlimited pursuit of excellence.
As we subject ourselves to you in humble Praise and adoration, may all Honour, adoration, adulation, praise, and Glory be to thy name, you who live and reign forever and ever, Amen.