Costly mistakes girls make before the age of 20 (part 3)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

1.     Sleeping too much
Yes! In your early 20s, you may have lesser responsibilities- not yet pursuing a demanding career, or taking care of your kids
or even being attentive to your academic studies.

  So, within this period, you may be tempted to be sleeping a lot. However, this is likely going to change when you grow up, and start encountering some responsibilities.
2.     Working in the wrong job
During these years, there is a high possibility of engaging with the wrong job- but this should help you to have a better view of the world; it will serve as enough motivation to look for a better or suitable job.
3.      Follow someone’s dream
Yes, this can reveal a lot about yourself; it might make you to appreciate yourself better. Following someone else’s dream will motivate you to know what you really want, and what you should pursue. Don’t ever regret taking a wrong turn and changing your dreams later.

No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, it is not guarantee to continue on the same road, all you need to do is to retrace your steps and go to the right road.