Costly mistakes girls before their 20th Birthday (Part 2)

 By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

1.     Spending huge sums of money on frivolities
This one affected me so much. Before your 20s, you may be a victim of excess spending on things that aren’t essential. It can
be buying very expensive phones, wrist watches and so on. I am not saying that it is wrong to have them.

But there is everything wrong having the most expensive phones, wristwatches and clothing accessories when you can’t afford them, when you are not working yet. I believe seeking new experiences and travelling will teach you some wonderful lessons that will help you all through your life.
2.     Experiencing failure

Your twenties are usually time of experiments, time of trial and error. You may lay your hand on so many things out of curiosity or desire to get rich quick. Yes, this is to expected, because there is a possibility that you might fall in love with ideas and pursuits.

Trying your hands in so many things and getting crashed will teach you valuable lessons of life. You will learn how to fail honourably, and you will be able to know how to manage risk and be more skilled.

3.     Pursuing a different passion
 This happens to almost everyone. When I was growing up, I was passionate to be a medical doctor, after sometime the passion for catholic priesthood overtook the passion for medical pursuits.
Thereafter, the passion for public speaking, writing and journalism overtook the rest.  When I look back, I thank God for bringing me where I am.
However, it is good to be passionate about something. It makes you to be focused to some extent. No matter what your friends and colleagues are thinking about.

Don’t be disappointed, you will never regret following a particular passion. Also, when you are following a passion, don’t ever lose hope due to lack of finance, instead be resolute and courageous.