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 Relationship advice is most times difficult to come by. Some people when they are experiencing difficult times will simply search for answers online that could have solved a situation that would have triggered into breakup or severe fight.

I am an author, journalist, motivational / conference speaker, relationship counsellor. Over the years, I have received invitations from friends, colleagues and readers of my books to set up an online platform that would transform nagging relationships into a fruitful and formidable one.

I have also discovered that there are many relationship blogs out there, but emotionalzone.com is one of a kind. It is first of all meant to assist you work out of your problems. I have compiled a whole lot of topical issues people have faced, people are currently facing, and impending dangers one may experience if nothing is done. Emotionalzone.com aims at healing a broken heart, mending an unfruitful relationship and motivating the victim to move on.

If you have been misunderstood in a relationship or you want to have a profitable one, then following our discussions and contributing your quota would be the safest and most effective thing to do.

Are you just starting to date? Are you searching for tips on how to find, attract and keep your beloved? Or tips on how to quench an impending danger in your relationship or marital union? This blog has all the answers.

Relationships are meant to be fruitful, interesting and fun. It is not meant to bring sorrows into your life. You can keep a 20 year-old relationship ever hot and romantic. All you need is to get the KEYS. Emotionalzone.com will teach you how to keep it interesting, spice it up, and put back life in it.

Let us assume you are in a relationship filled with sorrows, but you are comfortable with them and still want to stay strong in it. My blog will give you unpopular opinions on why you deserve a successful relationship. Here, there are tips, videos, and pictures you can watch that can give you all the necessary advice.
We are also passionate about leadership. I am a leadership student and researcher.
On celebrities’ column, I am concentrating more on their Professional or personal achievements, no gossips.  I have no intention of slandering anyone either verbally or literarily. I will be happy to receive unique contributions from readers all over the world.

Join us, together we can make relationships more fulfilling, healthier, and happier; to help people find their true partners, and get over breakups and crises. Be part of my mission of sharing any good article to your loved ones, friends and fellow readers. We are here to complement each other. There is no reincarnation, we only live once, and it is good we live it well.

Feel free to inbox your contributions and articles to us. We will be happy to share your stories; we will forward them to our fans for comments. In this blog also, you can order for my eBooks, invite me to speak at your special occasions for singles, speaking events, conferences, book-signings, and so on. I would be happy to share my experiences with you and your audience.

I do not write for fame or fortune, but it is simply a call which I have embraced with open hearts. I have been happy to share with thousands of men and women over the years with inspirational nuggets which have made positive impacts in their lives.

Once more, accept my congratulations for being here, and I wish you happy times.
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