8 provocative ways to ask a guy out ( Part 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

      This is a continuation of 10 ways to ask a guy out. In the said article, I gave          you two ways. Here is the continuation of the article, and they are more provocative.
·        Business card- on the card, you can write an inscription 
there ‘will you go out on a date with me? If you will be interested, kindly contact me’ then, put your phone and contact details on it.

·        Choose a colour- send a big envelope filled with balloons; one yellow, one red, one orange, one purple, and one green. Then add a note to it and ask him ‘will you like to go out on a date with me? Send the black balloon if your answer is no, and send the orange balloon if it is yes. ‘ yes, I know you will not send the black balloon, because there is no black there’
·        Magazine style- this style is very romantic. Find his favourite book or magazine he likes to read and insert a piece of paper in it with a note ‘ I am just thinking if you could go out with me’ you can spray the note with a seductive perfume.
·        Date by an appointment- this is another enticing way of asking a guy out. If he is the type of guy that schedules people for appointment due to the nature of his work. Then, give him a call with an unfamiliar number and book an appointment with him.

Then show up in his office and ask him to escort for a lunch. So many girls have won the hearts of many guys via this means. This will work greatly if you know his favourite restaurant. Make an attempt to ask him this way, and you may have a great date history.