7 Effective things to Consider before hiring employees

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Your business will grow to astonishing heights if you hire reputable and progressive employees. Hiring is the right people is a serious business.
Before you set up your business, ensure you are prepared to get the right team. Getting the right team is the key to business success.
For you small businesses, the following tips will help you to hire the right employee.
1.     Is the candidate passionate? - having the skills and competences are very important. But also, ensure that the candidate is really interested in working with you.       You can notice this during the interview. A passionate candidate ought to have done a pre-interview research about your firm.

They must demonstrate passions with stories about their previous work experiences. Knowing all these details will help you to know if the potential employee is really passionate to work with you, not just someone that was fired from a previous job, and is now looking for an easy escape route.
2.     Consult established relationships- sometimes, you can get a good employer by contacting folks you have built a solid relationship with in the past. Ask them if they have someone passionate about the thing you do, and who would like to contribute his or her quota towards the work you do. You can also post an update on social media.
3.     Inform your reliable team members- do you know that your current clientele or team members can be a veritable resource material for hiring a new employee? Yes, you can offer incentives to them by instituting a referral program in which anyone who is able to refer a formidable new hire will earn rewards. Ensure you advertise the amount, and it must be ‘after-tax’
4.     Consider a ‘day in the life’ opportunity- you need to institute a program whereby the potential employee will come and work with one of your employees for a day. This makes the candidate to be abreast with what you do, and then check if they are suitable for the task or not. This also gives employers an idea of how the potential employee will work if they were eventually hired.

5.     Find candidates through social media- the new media has grown to be another profitable way of finding credible employees. If you want to get the best, LinkedIn is the first stop. Many professionals are in this social media platform.

 After that, you can as well check other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on. If you want to make a good hiring decision, don’t place any embargo on disability, origin, age, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or pregnancy.
6.     Interview like a professional- during the interview process, you must exhibit high level of professionalism. Show up on time, whether you are interviewing in person or via Skype. Be positive and address any unforeseen danger you see in his or her resume. Ask the right questions, and give them the opportunity to express themselves very well.
7.     Older employees are more organized- older employees seem to be right fit for most work. They have the experience and needed skills. They can also mentor younger employees.
8.     Attractive remuneration- some employees try to dodge discussing this, but it is actually very important. What most employers failed to understand is that the salary scale can motivate employees to work harder in a company. If you don’t know the salary rates of the position you wish to hire someone, visit websites like Payscale and Salary. Offering fair compensation and paying them as and when due can keep them for a long term.
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