5 amazing habits of Super- employees

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Some employees work really hard to the extent that they easily get promoted. Some of us have seen that co-worker who is always there for the company.

 He knows what ought to be done before the leaders in the company even come up with novel ideas. Such a person is always rewarded with accolades, autonomy, responsibility and advancement.

Becoming a super-employee don’t just happen, you need to prepare yourself for it. It is a combination of mindset, skills and talents.

Do you want to be a super-employee? Here is what you should do:

·        They work where they can make impact
It is not easy to be a super-employee. Super-employees try to work in companies where they can make impact- where their values, talents and abilities will make impact, because of this; they choose to work only in jobs where they are suitable.
·        They are deeply interested in their boss values

Super-employees pay huge attention to their company or to whatever their boss says. They may decide to work in projects that weren’t originally part of their jobs.

They work hard beyond other employees, they are not doing this to outsmart others, instead they are doing it because it is good to do so. This shows that they are showing more interest in the company’s values and needs.
·        They are exceptionally great performers

Their number one zeal is to deliver excellent services to the company. They engage in activities they understand very well. If something is unclear to them, they will try to get the right information they need before embarking on the project.
·        They are excellent time managers

Most super-employees don’t multi-task; they choose one project at a time and deliver it in an excellent manner. They are interested in giving excellent results, not engaging in excuses why the action was unsuccessful.

·        They cooperate with their colleagues

Yes! A super-employee cooperates with their colleagues at work; they don’t work to outshine others, instead they work in collaboration with others. Super-employees understand the importance of team building.

Super-employees posses empathy, and have the capacity to relate well with other people. Working with a team to achieve an excellent result is their top priority.