12 Costly mistakes girls are liable to make in their 20s ( Part 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

No matter what the society thinks or believes, your 20s are said to be the best years of one’s life. Within these years, there are huge possibilities of making some mistakes
, but don’t allow those mistakes to discourage from moving forward.
 Some mistakes are understandable; through mistakes you can know what works for you, and what will never work for you. Mistakes can be a learning process. Here are 12 crazy mistakes you can make in your 20s, but don’t dwell in them, instead try to learn from them.
1.     Get drunk at night in the party
In your 20s, you might be hanging out friends at night, and eventually you see yourself getting drunk. It is normal and most times expected, but try your best to learn from it. If you are a victim of this, just try to learn from it and move on.

2.     Sleeping with the wrong one

This may sound funny, but I know I have seen so many girls regretting the fact that they slept with the wrong one.

This is normal, especially when you are figuring the world in your twenties, when you are figuring out the type of person you should date.

In your drive to find someone who has the same emotional bond with you, you are likely going to find the wrong one. It happens like that, life is full of trial and error- you will keep doing this until you probably find the right one.

3.     Hanging out with the wrong people
In your 20s, it is possible to be friends with the wrong people; trusting the wrong people, or befriending the wrong people. It can really hurt to be a victim of this.

But try your best to learn from this experience. Dating and hanging out with the wrong people now, will help you to make a better choice in your 30s and even 40s.

If you date with the wrong one today, you will know what worked and what never worked. You will learn about people and how to manage them. Unfortunately, relating with people is the most difficult task.

4.     Living with regrets
It is not good to live with regrets. I understand that in your 20s, you are likely going to have some experience that will leave you heartbroken, sad or unhappy.

But don’t live with regrets. If you have ever made a mistake of living with regrets, try your best to overcome it.

Learning to live with no regrets will be a great tool for your adult life. No matter how heartbroken you feel, it is important to know how to move on.

5.     Keeping every available acquaintance

In your 20s, often you may be tempted to live with every acquaintance that comes your way. This is not good for you. As you grow up, you will discover that there is need to trim every person you meet in social media.

Trimming the number of friends you keep will make you to be focused, productive and strong. Try to keep those that are productive to your life. Don’t live with those that will be- little your dream.

Part two:

6.     Attempting to commit to wrong long-term relationship

In your 20s, you might be tempted to work hard in keeping a wrong long-term relationship. This is a pardonable offence, because it is assumed you are inexperienced.

It is possible for someone to be caught in the cobweb of attempting to keep a relationship that ab initio destined never to work. Maybe, I will find time to develop this idea.

To be continued.