10 things you should never do after a break up

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

If you are hit by breakup. Don’t kill yourself, or attempt to commit suicide. There is life after a breakup.

I know breakup can really be painful
, especially if you are truly in love with the person. Some people would just give up on love, due to the emotional sufferings they are currently undergoing.

Below are 13 things you should never do if you are hit by a breakup. You would appear too cheap if you ever do them.

1.     Don’t follow him or her up and down begging for them to love you back.
2.     Don’t keep yourself glued to the pictures of the person- this will refresh your memories of them, but will have a dangerous effect on you.
3.     Don’t go about making yourself a fool, by telling every Dick and Harry what you went through- they will end up using it against you some day some time.
4.     Don’t live with self-pity. Self- acceptance is a virtue, appreciate yourself.
5.     Don’t develop a wrong mindset about your person, just because of what people have said about you or what they are currently saying. Be yourself.
6.     Never think of revenging, especially if your emotions were hurt or disregarded all through the relationship. Vengeance is for God; He knows how to pay each person in their right coin.
7.     Never you bear any grudge against anyone- if there is an opportunity to help the person or anyone related to the person tomorrow, do it as a sign of good faith.
8.     Don’t rush into a new relationship, without giving yourself time to heal from the previous one. I don’t also forget that some people feel better when they enter into a new relationship, especially girls. But I think it is better you give yourself some time to learn.
9.     Don’t give up on love; love is a very beautiful thing.
10.                        Don’t point all accusing fingers on the other person, because you have your flaws too. And there are few things you should also work about yourself.