Top 5 ways to behave when you spot a beautiful lady

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

I have discovered recently that some guys don’t like this discussion. Do you why? They believe girls love to hear lies.
That is why some desperate ones among them try everything possible to falsify themselves, and tell all the lies in the world- their utmost goal may not be far from getting in between your pants.
Dating a very pretty lady or even hanging out with her is a precious thing to behold most times. Some guys are not really following their wish with the right approach. Some waste their time disturbing any beautiful girl they spot on facebook or any of the social networks, telling her how beautiful she is.
 I met one who went to the extent of telling a girl that she is so beautiful more than all his beautiful sisters put together ( laughs out loud). Could you just imagine!
Well, this short article is meant to help such guys from disgracing or drawing to the mud the whole generation of guys. I really have to be blunt here:
·        If you don’t feel anything for her, and she deeply loves you, then abstain from her immediately. Yes, you heard me right, so that you don’t hurt her feelings.
·        If her emotions are high, and she really wants you to ‘enter’ without protection, tell her ‘No’ that if she gets pregnant, you won’t be able to father the child now. She may insist, but let your actions speak (thank me later).
·        If she is wrong, tell her she is, but never you lay a hand on her.
·        If she doesn’t love you the way you do, simply walk away, stop stalking or following her around. There are many beautiful ladies out there. Work hard, be a success diamonds, and ladies will follow you up and down, begging for your love.
·        She disgrace you in public; she refused to show at least an ‘eye contact’ or even say ‘hi’- that means, she wants to be chased. Take time to tease her, though it might not be right away.