Top 5 reasons why you should hire productive smart learners

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

One of the biggest investments an employee can make today is to hire a smart learner, not just a smart person. It is a pleasure to hire someone
who is super talented; who could handle varying tasks than someone who is just a specialist in one specific field.
Versatility and productivity are 2 essential traits you must consider during the screening process. Smart learners understand the importance of time management and structured learning. Not the amount of time you put into work that matters, but the value in that time. That‘s productivity.
Productivity is not just knowing when to reply to an email, stay on or off on social media. It is also all about maximising your working hours. Productive people don’t waste time in things they don’t need- they go to essential things.
Productive people are:
·        Focused
·        Learn efficiently
·        Filter information
·        Humble and
·        Are not lazy
I will explain these in details in the next post.