Top 5 mistakes most guys make before marriage

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Marriage is a serious endeavour, but most guys just play with it. That is why they prefer to marry any type of woman. A man needs a woman that
will give them peace of mind, and happiness, not a beautiful woman only, but a woman of substance.

Some guys even marry out of pity, simply because they have dated for a while, and they don’t want to hurt the girl. Then, you want to marry the girl because you don’t want to break their hearts or they don’t cast a spell on you.
Here are 5 mistakes some men make while choosing their wives:
·         Some guys are overtaken by a woman’s physical attributes, and facial appearance; they marry her because she is sexy with nice shape, pointed nose, and boobs. Some of these ladies when they discover that the guy is carried away by their beauty will simply hide their true characters till after marriage.

Most guys have failed to understand that for the fact that a girl is beautiful doesn’t mean she will be a loyal wife. Beauty doesn’t guarantee goodness or loyalty. It can be extremely dangerous to marry someone because of her beauty.
·         Some gullible, lazy and often egoistic guys marry a woman because she is rich, or because she is from a rich family or because of her social status and accomplishments. Though, I do not criticise these things, but I am saying that they shouldn’t be the basis for marrying someone.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in marrying the daughter of a multi-billionaire, a politician or mega entrepreneur, but love should be the basis for the marriage. Most guys who think that it is wise to marry such ladies because of their social status often forget to look at the girl’s character during courtship, because they are deeply interested in her status. After wedding, the girl will begin to control the man, while the man will turn to puppet.
·          Some men marry a woman because she is an expert in bed affairs; she knows how to give you earth shaking satisfaction in bed, she knows all the sex techniques- all these are good attributes I usually recommend to young people trying to get married. It is good to know that you are sexually compatible with your partner. But, also try to know her character; she must be a good person; friendly, a virtuous woman.
·         While some men erroneously marry a bad woman believing she will change afterwards. Yes, I have seen some women who have changed certain lifestyle after marriage, but I have seen many in great numbers who have not changed. The statistics of those who have not changed are higher.
·         Some men rely on their parents, friends and well-wishers to choose a wife for them. Most of them especially the ‘mama’s boy’ end up not marrying their choice, because their parents have someone else for them. And in order not to disappoint their parents, they marry whoever that has been provided for them. Some men will be in a distant town or country, while telling their parents to get any good girl for them. Over 60% of them end up marrying the ones presented to them. What a pity!

It takes the Grace of God to marry the right one. I pray for you not to marry the wrong one. My friend and co-philosopher say if you marry the wrong woman you become a philosopher.