Top 3 things you shouldn’t do if you catch your man with another woman

                         By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Lately there has been some relationship issues going viral online about a particular guy that impregnated his wife’s best friend, and
the whole issue is being discussed on social media; Facebook, Twitter, BBM, blogs and so on. 
Yea, cheating is a very dangerous form of betrayal whether in a marital relationship and outside of it. Really, some people find it extremely difficult to deal with it.
The victim goes through a lot. If you perchance you become a victim today, here are four things you shouldn’t do:
·        Don’t fight the woman immediately- that action would create an unnecessary scene. At the end of the day, people will blame you for creating the scene. They would have loved if you could take the matter home and discuss it with your partner or with close family members. Don’t fight the other woman, demanding that he should leave your man alone or calling her names.
·        Check what may have caused the man to cheat. It could be the excessive weight you have not been able to shed off after 3 to 4 pregnancies. It could be the way you react to him sharply at the slight of anger. Maybe there is some behaviour that is putting him off that you really need to fix today.

·        Don’t quit the relationship- don’t get it twisted. I am not a man and am neither defending them nor giving them a soft landing. But the truth has to be told.  I have taken time to interview some men, and most of them believed that it is in the nature of men to cheat. However, I see cheating as a choice.

I know how emotionally drained you can be when you are dealing with a cheating spouse. But don’t quit the relationship, keep trying your best to mend your hearts, and live with your partner. He will appreciate it forever.

Men, avoid cheating!