Top 10 Reasons why your business have never seen the light of the day

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

The dream of every entrepreneur is to be a successful one. But some people have not been able to kick start their business ventures due to certain hindrances.
 It is not because their ideas are not worth selling, but due to one or two of the following reasons:

·         Lack of funding
·         Lack of co-founder
·         The market is over-crowded
·         Not having someone that believes in your dream
·         You don’t know the name to give your firm or company
·         You are afraid to fail
·         You really want to start big
·         People don’t believe in your ideas or feeling that your ideas are worthless, and
·         Not really prepared to kick start the business

In my future articles, i will take time to analyse these things for you.