Rest in Peace my brother- Jerome Chiedozie Onoh

Coping with the death of a beloved is one of the hardest things to do; losing them is one of the worst experiences in life.
Some called him my son; others referred him as a friend. But he was actually a brother and my worthy mentee.

 I got to know him in 2008, when he told him he loved things of God. I was happy that that such a handsome and Godly boy can dream of dedicating his life to God. He introduced me to all the members of his family, and I became a household name in the whole of the family and its environs.

Whenever he see me, he will shout ‘Behold my mentor’.  As a reliable mentee, I taught him how to write, and I was happy when he told me that one of his articles featured in a local magazine recently.  

 When he finished his secondary education he told me that he wants to be a doctor. That he would like to save thousands of lives and above all still served God as a doctor. We looked at it, and saw that it was a great dream, and worth pursuing. We prayed about it, and asked God to take control.

But when the admission into the medical college wasn’t forthcoming as earlier planned, he got enrolled in Enugu State University studying Computer Science, instead of wasting one year at home.

Still passionate about his dream, he took Jamb again this year and had a great score, and we were perfecting plans for him to enrol into University of Nigeria Nsukka next academic session. We were looking forward in joyful hope for the time he will get enrolled into the medical profession, and most importantly be a medical doctor.

He was active yesterday on Facebook; chatting with friends, catching fun, and always smiling. All through the time I knew him, I never saw a situation where he got angry (either someone annoyed him or he annoyed someone), and he was just a cheerful fellow.  

Barely 24 hours after, I got a call from his elder sister that he is dead. I was shocked, and never believed it.  According to her, he went out with friends to swim at a Hotel in Enugu and got drowned. He was hale and hearty before then, and had been deposited in a morgue in Enugu.

Edoo as friends fondly called him; it is a pity to learn about your death. Friends, classmates, your family and all who knew you are crying over the sudden death. We know that if it was within your power, you wouldn’t have died, we love you, but we know God loves you most. Keep resting in His bossom.

Dear Lord, our hearts are really heavy, we are dumbfounded, and the pain of the sudden departure fresh, we loved him, and still love him, but we know YOU love him most. Please replenish our strengths and give us the understanding to accept his absence.

You are welcome to God’s abode. I know that heaven does not cry at the death of princes!


We are already missing you with heavy hearts, but with total submission to God’s will!!

Rest in Peace brother!!!


Sorry Bro. Please accept my sympathy.

Thanks Lin Just, i appreciate your concern...we are asking God to give us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.