Countdown to my 1 Year wedding Anniversary; 7 days loading...

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
I got married few months to my 30th birthday in July 5th, 2014 ( the memories of the day was ever fresh for so many reasons, one of which was that I got married
to my heartthrob, and secondly, I received an apostolic blessing from the reigning pope Francis 1).

Before I got married, I received a lot of pressure from family and friends to get married. They were saying Nna, find any good girl and marry, you are the only son of your parents.

Well, I am happy I got married at a mature age. I don’t know what may have happened if I had married earlier. But I know one thing; it might not be as juicy and rosy as it is now.

It remains just 7 days to my one year wedding anniversary. I will still talk about my experience on the D-day; God has been faithful despite the minor challenges. We still hope on Him to perfect His glorious plans for our family.
It’s well.

 Special thanks God almighty for giving me a reliable and good wife, and to all those who made it possible for me, I doff my cap for you all!