9 guys you should skip for marriage. #2 is the most dangerous...

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Most girls have a calibre of men they would like to marry, while growing up. But sometimes, when you reach marriageable age and maturity, you will begin to see that no guy is perfect
So, you will start to look for the one that you can endure his lifestyle-
the one that has a better or suitable attitude.
The aim of this short article is to educate you that there are some guys you should just leave on the island of dating.
Here are 9 of them:
1.     The rebel
So many ladies are attracted to this guy. He is often referred as a bad boy. He can be mysteriously dangerous and romantic. He rebels over anything you say.
 The society usually turns off on people like him, because he engages in a lot of dangerous activities like kidnapping, pick-pocketing, and a wide range of criminal activities. He drives joy in beating his girlfriend at any slightest provocation and often feels proud to apologise afterwards.
 He doesn’t believe he is wrong, and believes what he is doing is the right thing. If you stick to him, you will find him rebelling against you soonest. 

2.     The narcissist

Narcissus was a Greek mythological personality. He was so handsome that he ended up falling in love with himself. However, he got drowned in the water, because he was unable to leave his own reflection.

A narcissist is convinced of his accomplishments so far, that he refuses to believe some other person can get things right. He doesn’t believe in his own weakness. They are fond of flaunting their own ego, most times at the expense of others.
3.     The control freak
The control-freak wants every woman to be under them. Most times, they based their arguments on the Biblical notion that men are the head of the family. Control freaks are always abusive, intimidating and too trying. However, they used to find it hard with feminist.
4.     The know-it all
It is really good to marry a man with brains. But make sure you don’t marry a know-it all; a man who will make you to believe that you can’t be right, a man who doesn’t like your opinions.
5.     The Mama’s boy
If you marry a guy that is too close to his mom; a man who take orders from his mom. I am not saying that listening or seeking wise counselling from your parents is wrong. But, there are some guys that before they perform their responsibilities in their own families, they would first of all seek permission from their moms.
So, you really need to be careful with these types of people, especially if they don’t want to change, so that you won’t end up marrying to their own mother as well. Most times, if such people get married to you, you would end up being treated like a maid.
6.     The attention-seeking fashionable boy
This type of guy spends his weekends at superstores or malls, buying latest clothes, wristwatches and designers. This makes most of them to steal or to so unimaginable things, just to make ends meet.
 They desire to buy expensive cars and own houses even if they can’t afford it. It could be extremely dangerous to marry such guys.
7.     The pushover
Yes! Most ladies want a guy that will give them the liberty to do whatever they want to do, any day any time. That is why most of them grab any guy that doesn’t complain about their activities or ill-doings.

When you discover that you are the one taking all the decisions, after some time, you will be complaining about his calm attitude. You will feel that he is not contributing his quota, because he doesn’t pull his weight. Most pushovers are lazy. So, when you marry them, be ready to be the one taking care of the family.
8.     The manly man
If you desire to marry a man that will care for you, treats you like a damsel, then you should flee from this man. His minds is always pre-occupied with beer, sports activities and even flirting with the hottest babe in town, but he is unready to care for you, buy gifts for you on your birthday, valentine’s day and so on.
9.     The fitness freak

A guy with nice arms and chiselled abs is a pleasure to behold. But, such guys spend almost all their free time in the gym. Their primordial interest is to remain fit, and nothing else. If you marry such guys, then accept my apologies!