5 things that trips every guys but they will never tell you

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

There are so many things that make every guy to get interested in you, whether he is in a committed relationship
or he is just starting a date. I know some guys love these, but they will never tell you.
Do you know why? They want you to think it out, or they presumed you know these things or you should know them:
·        Laying your head on his hand or chest when you are lying on a couch, in the bed or watching television. This shows that you feel secure in his hands, while to the guy, it feels he is protective.
·        When you are the one that send lovely text to him early in the morning or during a beautiful celebration like Christmas, New Year or other enticing seasons.
·        When you are the first to kiss him and tell him how much you love and appreciate him. Do you know that no matter how many times you say this, he will never complain.
·        He loves when you play or touch tenderly with his hair while he is driving. Girls, you may not know how sweet and lovely this is until you try it. But make sure you don’t distract him if he is in a busy road, while he is on the high way or when he doesn’t want any distraction.
·        Brag about him on social media- yea, some girls don’t do this, especially the ones that flirts with other guys. But guys want you to talk about it especially if they do something great for you. Take a picture of a birthday celebration you just had with him and say something amazing about it.