5 strong reasons why abortion should never be legalized in Nigeria

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Abortion is evil. Abortion has been one of the serious ethical issues that confront thinkers, theologians, and moralists all over the world.
It has also resulted to a series of conflict due to varying opinions or schools of thought.
The confusion and arguments that goes with abortion may not really end soonest due to the divergent views. Sometime in 2013, a state governor in South Eastern Nigeria signed an abortion law in his state.
That act angered a catholic Archbishop in his state. The prelate who believes in the dignity and sanctity of human life went to press asking the governor in clear terms to revoke the law. 
Such act got the attention of the people who revolted that abortion law should not be mentioned among them. Seeing how things were going, the governor quickly went and revoked the law. If the governor had disobeyed this passionate appeal, who knows it may have cost him his second term bid.
Ever since then, I have been receiving both proposing and opposing views about abortion. This article is my own take why abortion should not legalized in Nigeria, except in a serious medical danger on the life of the mother.
Below are my reasons- they are 5 in number:
·        Abortion is killing of life; it is the untimely end of a life
·        It is undue killing of a defenceless embryo- some pro-abortionists claim that the embryo should be killed if the woman doesn’t want the baby. But that is absolutely wrong. When you take away the life, you are denying the unborn child the right to live. The child doesn’t have a choice but to die.
·        Adoption is a more heroic action than abortion- if you feel you don’t need the unwanted child, why not give birth to the child, and then put the child up for adoption by recognized government agencies like motherless babies homes. To me, this is better than abortion.
·        Abortion endangers the life of a woman- not all abortions are handled by a professional. Some women end up with further complications after abortion. This might delay their chances of giving birth in future or even killing one or two of their fertile organs
·        We are all meant to save lives. Even medical professionals are expected to save lives (confer the Hippocratic Oath).


This is absolutely wrong on so many levels :
1) Nigerian doesn't even have a proper health care system that is even free if we even start on the private one it will never end.
2) Female health care is poor in Nigeria, from general sexual health to maternal health
3) The government has no right to control women's bodies religion and law should be two different things
4) We say women shouldn't have an abortion that life is better .. where in Nigeria is life better how will she find the money to look after the child? Education =money sickness=money food=money there are no proper social and welfare services Nigeria needs to improve these services if they want to make abortion illegal
5) what of the raped, victims of incest, or girls from young marriages who are 13,14 and don't even have the correct body to even have a child but get pregnant by a 52 year old man? what about that? hmmmmmm
6) Adoption in Nigeria is nothing the children end up being used as houseboys or girls or be accused of being witches this article is full of incorrect and quite frankly stupid arguments.