5 popular kinds of kisses and their meanings

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

2 years ago, I wrote a book ‘How to Find, Attract and Keep Your Beloved’ it is currently on sale in Amazon. I will find time to talk about it
later. I used to talk about  it whenever I am speaking to singles or invited to speak at a relationship / emotional conference.
In that book, one of the things, I discussed in detail was ‘Kissing’. Kissing is one of the ways we express love to our dear ones or partner. I kiss my wife more than three times a day, and of course hug her more than 10 times a day.

Kissing depicts a lot of reactions and strong emotions; it gives you the opportunity to express yourself more freely than mere spoken words. It carries over a hundred words.
Kissing tells you someone desires you, some feels for you, someone is deeply interested in what you do, someone is there for you, and someone is handling you with a tender affection and care. Kissing evokes a lot of meanings.

Here, let me talk about just 7 popular ones and their meanings:

·        Kiss on the cheek implies complicity, support, affection and care.

·        Kiss on the lip transmits sensations of passion ‘I love you, I appreciate you, I adore you, I would like to date you, can you be mine’ (the list is endless). But if the kissing was just done quickly, it means a sign of friendship or another way of appreciating your friendship or saying, let’s just be friends.
·        Kiss on the ears- passionate intention and power.
·        Kiss on the hand implies tenderness, admiration, trust, and desire for affection.
·        Kiss accompanied with a hug implies total surrender and strong affection. If both are deeply intense with it, it means that they are ever willing to give in to each other.

Lips sealed!!!