5 benefits of getting married at a mature age

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Yea, in as much as I have no problem with people getting married on time. Myself, I got married few months to my 30th birthday anniversary; I don’t know if
it was on time, late or at the right time.

To some, it was on time, to others it was at the right time, while a negligible few felt I took the decision earlier because I am an only son.

Well, that is their problem; to me I got married when I found my wife. Marriage is between matured people. It is not between a boy and a girl. It is a sacred institution, and it could be dangerous if you enter it unprepared.

Below are 5 benefits of getting married at a mature age.

You have enough time for self-discovery

When you get married at a matured age, you must have taken enough time to discover yourself, your talents, and hone your skills very well. Some people go through life without first of all discovering what they want or who they really are.

During the waiting period, you must have built an amazing career. Or reach the level of life you want before thinking of settling down.

You know what you want
When you are growing up. Maybe before the age of 18, you may not know what you really want. But as you advance in age and experience life the more, you will be able to know what exactly you want and probably pursue it if you have access to funds and knowledge.
At a mature age, you know what you want in marriage or in a relationship and pursue it with vigour.

You enjoy some freedom
Freedom goes with responsibility. I think William Durant described it as the price of greatness. Almost in the same affirmation, Jean Jacque Rousseau in his social contract said ‘man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains’.

Yes, when you wait, you enjoy some bit of freedom- you can afford to buy anything of your choice, go anywhere you want to go, sleep at your friend’s house 5 times a week without any hiccups.

 But if you are married, you are expected to discuss with your partner before you can do any of these.

You know how to handle life
Experience goes with age. As you advance in life, you must have garnered a lot of experiences, and then know how to really handle them. But if you get married at an inexperienced life, you may take a lot of stupid decisions without even knowing.

Sometimes, you may even take actions before even thinking of what you have just done. Marriage is not for inexperienced under-aged.

You invest in your future
To some women, marriage may slow down their career. So, many of them try to build an amazing career before the age of 30, before settling down. At this age, a lot of them are already international figures and have saved a lot for their future.

They have mingled with a lot of minds, to the extent that it becomes difficult for them to slow down. However, some women before of the extent they have gone in life may decide to just to be feminists or even not thinking of getting married at all.

When you eventually get married at a mature age, you would be grateful because the time you spent waiting worth it. You would be happy you finally made it, no more catching bouquets at your friend’s wedding.

For me, these are some of the benefits of waiting for the right time. If you are still unmarried, enjoy it while it last. Appreciate every bit of it.

So, I have shared my experiences. Tell me your own experiences, and I would be happy to reply them. Did you got married at a tender age or at a matured age. Though age for me is a number, but anything above 28 for guys and 23 for ladies are at a matured age.