4 qualities in a lady that keeps men forever

·                                                                        By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

A woman with a shy smile- Yea, most men celebrates a shy smile from their women. There are certain things
that can make her blush. It could be your consistent repetition of your wedding vows, or the things you said when you proposed to her. I cherish a shy smile anytime, any day.
·        A woman with high values- it is always a pleasure to see a woman with high moral values, principles and beliefs. A woman who hold tenaciously to the truth. If she can’t lie or cheat, she will never do so even in a million lives. Such women set a standard for others to follow.
·        An understanding woman- every man wishes to have an understanding woman. She will understand when there are things, and when things are not moving as expected. Not the type that is overtly demanding. Such women piss men off easily. I once dated such a woman, and believe me, it wasn’t a smooth sail. A woman that understands that once in a while, you need some time to play or hang out with friends during weekends or vacations.
·        A woman that appreciates her man is a pleasure to behold. To me, it gives great joy. In this age of feminism, some women hate to appreciate their men. Such kind of women are fond of saying that whatever a man can do, a woman can do better. And they do all sorts of things to buttress this point, or to prove that this could be true. That was the kind of the girl I dated before I got married, and believe me, it really didn’t work out.

Do you know other qualities that men desire?

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