3 things that make men get interested in you, but they expect you to figure it out

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Yesterday I was writing about things that trip every guy, but they won’t tell you. Instead, they want you to figure it out.
This is the continuation of that gist.
I have 3 more points here:

·        Men love a girl that listens. Psychologists would say that it is therapeutic to listen. Sometimes, a guy may have something really amazing about his life, and he would like to see someone whom he can share those thoughts with. If you are there, and genuinely engaged in the discussion. It shows him that you care about him.

·        Send him a cute text when you hang out with your friends- I have heard so many heartbreaking stories of guys getting angry when their girlfriends hang out with other girlfriends. While, I understand the reason for their apprehension. If you happen to be in such situation, text him and tell him you are secure.

 If you are dating a mature man, who can tell you to hang out with your girlfriends without suspecting anything funny. Send him a text every now and then all through the night. It will make him to beam with smiles, and to know someone out there is really thinking or missing his absence.
·        Relatively, men are easy to please. You don’t need too much to get their attention. You can jump on him in public, but that is not the type of affection I am talking here.

You can engage his mind with small things like putting your hands around his arm while you are walking inside a grocery store or into a party, or hugging in at intervals while shopping in a mall, or a kiss on the cheek- all these little things as funny as it may seem makes them to feel proud of you, and it shows them you are close to them.

I am a man, we don’t require much from women. If we can get all these or even half of the affections mentioned in this post, believe me we can go to any extent to make them feel special and loved.