10 smartest ways to ask a guy out

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Dear ladies, I am going to leak some secrets to you.  Some girls don’t know how to ask a guy out.
 Worst still, some don’t even know that it is possible for a girl to ask a guy out.

 However, it is possible to remember that in this age, women can ask their men out without anyone raising eyebrows. Maybe, it is because of the unfolding of civilizations. 

Maybe you have seen or you know a sharp guy out there, who is ambitious, young, gentle, charming and single and may be interested in a date. You may have waited for him for some time to ask you out.

You are tired of waiting, and you really want to take the bull by the horn. Then, if you are able to get him interested in you, you will be feeling like an Olympian empress.
Here, I am going to give you 10 unique ideas that can be used to your advantage.
But I will discuss only the first and second in this post. In the next, I will complete the series. I promise!
·        Appear like a scavenging hunter- leave a short and enticing note to him. The note can come with the inscription ‘would you like to go out with me?’ ‘I would love you to hang out with me’ ‘would you mind hanging out with me this weekend?’ definitely, the guy would appreciate such gesture.

 Also, let him know in the note that you would like to take care of the bills (Yes, you need to say this, so that they will not feel you want to be a pest to their lives. Most men will not like you to pay their bills on a date, but at least say it to them, so that they will know you really want to date them. And not interested in their money)

When he eventually shows up, try to hide yourself behind something, cover his eyes, and ask him to guess who you are. Over 90% of men according to studies, I personally carried out recently love this.

·        Kidnap any of his most cherished valuable- Yes; this has worked for many people. You can kick start the dating lifestyle with him by kidnapping anything he values so much.

 It could be his car key, or jacket. Then leave a note to him saying something like this ‘I know where you jacket or car key is, I will tell you where to find it on one condition ‘that you will agree to go on a date with me’ tomorrow etc.

More to be continued tomorrow!