10 exciting habits of highly successful people #7 will blow your mind

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Making great achievements and getting promoted in your workplace doesn’t just happen overnight.

It must be worked for and earned by a hardworking spirit. Becoming successful means that you must dedicate your time, talent and treasure in the pursuit of excellence.
Highly successful people have amazing habits that makes them reach the top. Here are 10 habits of people who have successfully distinguished themselves at work:
1.     They keep to their schedules
They keep record of everything they do each day; scheduling helps them not to deviate from what they have already set out to accomplish. Successful people act and do realistic things concerning keeping and meeting their schedules.
2.     They prioritize
Their ultimate target is to being excellent in all they do. They don’t multitask, because multitasking can make your performance seem effortless. Sometimes when you multi-task, you become less productive. Highly successful people eliminate anything that will make them not to multitask.
3.     They understand that they are prone to mistakes

Highly successful people understand that they are mere humans, and thus capable of making mistakes. But what differentiates them from unsuccessful people is that they don’t focus on their failures. They try to learn from their flaws, instead they spend their time and talent focusing on what will make them to be more effective at work.
4.     They engage in careful planning
Highly successful people plan their activities; they know that those who failed to plan are planning to fail. Everything they do is subjected to careful planning.
 This is the main reason why all their activities are well-planned. Planning doesn’t mean that it must be done daily. They can do it weekly, monthly or even yearly as the case maybe.
5.     They are accountable
Accountability is one of the distinguishing marks of truly great people. They are accountable for how they spend their time. They don’t spend their money doing things that are unnecessary.
6.     They are focused
Highly successful people are not distracted. They pay adequate attention to important things, especially rigorous and more challenging tasks. They engage themselves and put their energies to these tasks.
7.     They do regular exercises
Highly successful people know how to engage themselves to regular exercises. They always like to engage in things that work; they don’t spend their time eating and drinking.
Some highly successful people I have met dedicate some few minutes of their time engaging in physical activities like jogging, playing lawn tennis, table tennis, running, reading etc almost on a daily basis.
8.     They sleep
Do you know that taking some time to rest make your body to be reactivated re-energized, and recharged for more work? Highly successful people know how to do this, and they are really enjoying doing so.
Taking between 6-8 hours of sleep in every 24 hours will make you to be more productive and re-energized to engage in other meaningful work.
9.     They are positive-minded
Highly successful people maintain positive-minded attitude. They don’t engage in things that will weigh them down psychologically- this makes them to see solutions, instead of problems, see opportunities, instead of problems.

Highly successful people are fond of looking for delightful and new things that will occupy their minds and hearts. Negativity has no place in them; they believe in their own abilities, and they know that they will achieve anything they have already set their minds and hearts to.

10.                        They have grateful hearts
Highly successful people are grateful; they appreciate any favour you do to them.  Do you know that by appreciating what others have done to them, they are indirectly boosting their self-worth?

They are indirectly making themselves to be likable; they are giving people thousands of reasons to love them. Being grateful activates their brain.