Top 4 Qualities of a mentor

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Life is designed in a way that you can’t reach certain heights, unless you are inspired. You can’t aspire unless you are inspired.
That is one secret about life that has kept to elude so many people. You really need a mentor who will walk you through the excruciating part of your life, and lead you into a wonderful light.
The sole duty of a mentor is to bring out the best in you. He/ she will keep urging you, encouraging you, and motivating you to be the best you can be. That is their work as professionals.  
When all hope is lost, and you feel like giving up- he will be there always inspiring you to keep pushing further. A mentor will never be tired of encouraging you, and will never be tired of you no matter how many times you have failed. The aim of this article is that irrespective of your chosen field of endeavour- getting a good mentor will be useful to your career in so many ways.
Odysseus- the ancient Roman God discovered the duties of a mentor, to the extent that he had to entrust his son’s welfare whole and entire to a mentor. He committed Telemachus (the son) to the ultimate care of a mentor, and then took up his weapons to fight in the fierce Trojan War. He abandoned the son believing that he was in safe hands, and of course Odysseus’s guesses were right.
Let us now talk about the top 4 characterises of a mentor. There are many things to say, but i decided to talk about only 4 today.
Shape your thinking- they are always ever ready to assist you in building your mental model. This building of mental model is a necessary condition to achieving an unparallel success in your profession.
A true mentor cares about you, shares all the necessary information you really need. They inspire you with their words of wisdom and wealth of experience. They are not just people with low- cadre, Lilliputians; instead they are paragons of excellence.
Enhances your professional portfolio
The duty of a mentor is to first of all improve the quality of your life. Your life will never remain the same if you are trained by a professional mentor. You need a mentor to get up from where you are at the moment to an amazing point.
A mentor will assist in anything you are not getting right; it could be your lack of real professional etiquettes, interpersonal skills, your academic qualifications, the kind of friends you keep, the kind of things you get involved with, your personal statement, or curriculum vitae.
 In this case, a career mentor will mend the missing link that is crippling your progression as well as sharpen them so as to attract other enviable promotions, well-paying jobs and so on.
Strengthens your contacts
When you have the right information and know the right people- the sky will be the starting point for your excellent performance. A true mentor will help you in getting touch with the right information, skills, and people that will help you to blossom.
 Your career mentor for instance should be someone who has been in the field for a donkey years, someone who has garnered enviable experiences to himself or herself. When you surround yourself with the right people, your career success is guaranteed. People fail most times because they didn’t move with the right people or they neglect to make good use of the right contacts or professional networks.
Role model
A mentor is above all things a role model; someone who looks up to at all times. Someone who is already occupying an enviable position you want to reach. The person must be someone you admire his or her exemplary or extra-ordinary skills. When you have such a person, you will be energized to reach your fullest potentials.
 However, you will need to do this with their encouragement, because as role models, they will have a way of inspiring and positioning you to professional greatness. Finding and mingling with a mentor is one of the best ways of surviving today’s competitive and dynamic labour market.