Top 30 rules for married women

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

·         Do not disrespect your husband or shout on him for any reason
·         Don’t make him a laughing stock by exposing his weakness to the outside world (the outside world here includes your family, friends,
etc.  You are meant to be each other’s keeper)
·         Communicate with him in clear terms; don’t use attitudes or moods, because you don’t know how he will interpret it.
·         Don’t compare him with another, because you don’t know how they live their own lives.
·         Don’t disrespect his friends just because you don’t like them. It is your duty to gently tell your husband to get rid of them. If you attempt to do it your own way, you may not do it right.
·         You are his wife, not the maid. So you are the one to cook for him, and serve him food. Don’t give such sensitive duties to your maid or else he may revert his affection and love to the maid.
·         Besides your maid, don’t allow anyone to handle some sensitive responsibilities for your husband.
·         Don’t fight him if he comes back without buying some gift items, instead try to encourage him.
·         Try to abhor wastes. Men don’t like women that like wasting foods or using money to buy unnecessary things. Appreciate his sweat.
·         Don’t deny him sex unless for a cogent reason.
·         Don’t compare him with your ex- sex mate
·         Don’t shout on him in public even when he annoys you.
·         Don’t challenge him before your children
·         Admire his smartness
·         Don’t give your friends the privilege of getting close to him
·         Take time to dress well, look good, because he is surrounded with ladies with good looks out there. So, don’t be left out.
·         If you have any issues to settle. Tell it to God, your family; friends or parents don’t have the final word.
·         Don’t gauge your love with the amount of his material acquisitions. You need to be submissive even if you earn more than him.
·         Give him attention always; he is your number one responsibility. Don’t be too busy to love.
·         If you have better idea than him, don’t insult him. That is teamwork; the abundance of one will always fill the want of another.
·         Don’t be judging his actions; words and deeds at all times.
·         Don’t be a lazy wife, instead be one who knows what her husband need at any point in time.
·         If he doesn’t like your food, try to change your cooking style. Learn to be a good cook, real men don’t joke with their stomach.
·         Don’t expect much from him materially.
·         Let your first form of welcome to him be a sweet hug and kiss, then a glass of water.
·         Don’t hang out with women who disdain the idea of marriage.
·         Don’t be reckless with him
·         Teach your children the right way to live. The gift of children is a blessing from the omnipotent and benevolent God.
·         Don’t give so much attention to your career than your marriage.
·         You really need to have a praying tongue; keep praying for him and the family.

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