Ladies: before he propose: 10 things you should know

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Below are top 10 advice ladies who are seriously waiting for their guys to pop the big question should know. Your guy is battling with so many things in his mind, so:
·         Don’t ever frighten him with your material acquisitions; it makes them to feel inferior.
·         Don’t ignore their emotional demands; instead politely tell them why you are declining their offer.
·         Don’t intimidate them with the richness of your faith or believes, such can end up achieving the opposite-making them to pretend or feel uncomfortable.
·         Don’t ever intimidate them with your academic or social status, it makes them feel inferior.
·         Don’t lure them into proposing to you when you are fully aware they are not ready.
·         Don’t say yes to everything they say, even things at your detriment- if you have a strong view points, feel free to challenge them.
·         You are there to complement him, so exhibit your talents and skills- do not show any form of arrogance.
·         Be resilient, and accommodate his lifestyle. Appreciate his strengths and try to work on his weaknesses.
·         The proof of your love is evident through understanding, caring and virtues.
·         Don’t condemn him, instead pray and convince him to keep working hard.