5 amazing habits you must acquire before your 30th Birthday

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

It is simple to be successful, but becoming highly successful is a different ball game. Below are 10 unique vital lessons that will make you to live the fullest life you have always dreamed of
I am confident that after reflecting on these tips, you will be exceedingly happy. Make sure you read this to the end, then comment and share. I took time to reflect on people’s lives before coming up with these 10 amazing tips.
1.      Start saving money for your retirement- experts in the insurance will tell you that it is not easy to maintain old age. Old age is one of the expensive things to live with. If you don’t take the necessary steps now, you may regret it tomorrow. So, you need to do things that you will be proud of tomorrow. Buy retirement plan from insurance. To me, it is better than engaging in stocks or simply saving money in the bank.
2.      Take good care of your heath- health they say, is wealth. Eat the right foods, do regular physical exercises so that you can burn calories, go for regular medical checkups, so that you will stay healthy. If you are healthy now, you will stay healthy when you are eventually old. Cultivate the habit of staying healthy.
3.      Avoid envious or evil people- please mingle with people that have your interest at heart. Don’t befriend those that treat you badly or attempt to live with them. Politely decline invitations that won’t add any value to your life. Your life is precious. Spend quality time with highly resourceful and pleasant people. The world is filled with good and bad people, so there is no reason to waste time with bad fellows.
4.      Be good to people- the highest legacy you can live is a life well-lived. Be the conscience of the time- let people be happy knowing you are a good person. Don’t follow the crowd, be original. Spend time with people who are very close to your heart, such your family and nice friends.

5.      Make some sacrifices, focus on one thing at a time- life is designed in a way that you have to let go certain things. You cannot achieve everything; focus on things that are really important. You need to a professional life coach, who will direct you to make the right choices. Focus on your strengths. Experience has taught me that you can’t achieve much when you multitask.