20 things to say to your loved one in difficult times

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Robert Shuiller was definitely right when he says that tough times never last, but the amazing thing is that tough people do. Your lover needs you most
when they are facing a difficult time. The truth is that you really need to remind them certain things which will keep them going.
 Whatever you say, ensure that you use the right tone of voice plus the demeanour. Remind them the following with a warm smile, and in an encouraging way.
When you do these things,   you are indirectly telling them to soothe themselves up. Not just talking for the sake of talking, but your ability to say the right things will make the difference.
Below are 20 things you should say to them right away:
·         Do not be afraid, I value our friendship, I am with you
·         You are not alone in this problem, be hopeful- thousands of people are going through the same problem in the world at the moment.
·         Don’t be angry or keep blaming anyone for the failure- there must always be a way out.
·         Heroes emerge out of difficult times. I know you will come out of this much stronger, so don’t give up- you are on the pathway to success.
·         Retreat, look around and see where you fail, then you will see new opportunities for improvements.
·         Nothing, even difficult times will never last forever. Irrespective of the present dire circumstances or horrible emotions, I am confident you are on the pathway to significant success.
·         You can’t solve all the problems at once, take things slowly. I know you will be out of these difficult times soonest. Take one step at a time.
·         When one door closes, thousands opens at the same time. No matter what you have lost today, I know very well that the present circumstances have paved way for new opportunities.
·         I guess you tried your best, just that your best weren’t good enough. What matters is that you have good intentions towards your dreams. Keep trying; you will arrive at success someday.
·         You have passed through hard times severally, and have survived them. I know you will survive this one too.
·         You are brave and courageous. I admire these qualities a lot. Courage is never an absence of fear; instead it is the ability to keep trying even when you are down casted.
·         It is not for nothing that we experience situations. Definitely, there is something amazing about what has happened to you. Don’t be caught by the cobweb of darkness, I see a glimmer of hope.
·         It is when you are faced with difficulties that you will get to know who your true friends are. I am your friend, and I am here with you. I will never disappoint you. I know this situation will soon you to some advantages- it is not totally annihilation. You gained something.
·         It is not your fault that you are being punished. You were simply a victim of circumstances, but don’t allow it to distract you from reaching your full potential.
·         Well done for putting in your best- at least you were able to do your best, despite the challenges faced.
·         Focus on the present so that your future can be bright. Stop disturbing yourself with what happened in the past, there is no future in the past. I am confident you will get over this difficult time.
·         This is not the end of the road, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how tough or rough the road is, deal with it.
·         Be sympathetic with your person; stop beating yourself up and down. Stop filling your day with self-pity. Don’t forget that tough times will never last.
·         Try to meet your counsellor or career mentor to tell you the next step to follow. Don’t keep quiet about the situation.

·         I am here for you. I am not running away, even if everyone leaves you, I won’t.