Celebrity of the day: World's 'poorest president' - Jose Mujica

As a leader, you are more inspiring only when you are passionate about your followers; when you are doing things that will uplift them. Not when you are impoverishing them the more.

Today, we are bringing to you the world’s poorest president Jose Mujica.

 Here are wonderful reasons why you should love this man:

·         He is 78 years old
·         He spent 14 years of his life in solitary confinement just like Nelson Mandela of South Africa
·         He recently paid a courtesy visit to the United States. He also used the opportunity to tell Obama and indeed Americans that they should learn more languages and smoke less.

·         He lectured briefly at US Chamber of Commerce. He is passionate in developing business leaders, raising worker’s salaries, and redistributing wealth. According to him, there is no ‘just war’- that is why he is opposed to militarism and war.
·         He lives a simple life, and rejects vehemently the presidential perks of the presidency, by refusing to live in presidential villa or even have a motorcade.
·         He is comfortably living in his wife’s farm in a one-bedroom apartment.
·         He drives a 1987 Volkswagen
·         He earns $12,000 monthly, but donates 90% of his salary to charity.
·         He doesn't believe he is poor, because according to him, a poor person is not he who have little, but someone who wants more than he actually needs.
·         He banned smoking in public places.
·         His administration is fighting poverty squarely. He claimed he has reduced poverty from the inherited 37% to the current 11%.
·         His influence is waxing strong in the global community. He and his progressive team are championing innovations and trying their best to make the country of 3 million populations a perfect place to study, live and work.
·         Jose Mujica believes in investing in people first before building structures. If you build structures without investing in people, the angry mob will destroy in few minutes the structures you have spent time and resources building.

Do you think he deserved to be congratulated? 
To me, this man is a political saint, and has been bedeviled by the spirit of charity.