Top 5 Reasons why most African ladies end up as singles or remain unmarried...

Undue media exposure
Most African ladies end up being single for life due to media exposure. It is really disheartening and unfortunate for a lady to stay glued to a mobile device from morning till night, chatting and flirting endlessly from one online forum to another, only for her to tune another celebrity or entertainment channel all through the life.
Do you think there is anything that will occupy this lady’s mind if not finding a way to live a fake celebrity life, being active in the social media?
Most African ladies dislike cooking and doing other domestic activities
Many ladies have been brainwashed into believing that women should be playing the role of cooking, washing dishes, taking the kids to school, and doing other home chores. Now, during dating, most ladies paint a picture of the type of man they will like to marry. They let the guys know that they won’t be doing any home chores, that they will employ maids. 85% of men used to flee from such ladies.
Excessive craze for modern fashion
Modern fashion and undue love for technological gadgets are some of the reasons why many ladies can’t indulge into a serious relationship. How do you explain a lady whose ultimate desire is to drive the latest automobile, wear the latest cloth, rock the latest jewelleries, wear the most expensive pad, shoes, and pad- all to the detriment of her worth?. It is extremely difficult for a man from a decent background to walk up to her, and propose marriage to her. Some men will just use her as a sex mate, but not a lover.
Over 90% of men detest girls who are inclined to unnecessary show-off, even when the girl is earning the money. Her flamboyant lifestyle is already a turn off to most guys. Seriously minded guys will never approach her. She can only be attracted by me who are out to catch fun, and for such girls to get married to such guys, it will be like the Biblical passing through the eye of a needle.
Too much of manicure and pedicure
The truth is that most men are easily turned off on the sight of girls that indulge in excessive makeup. Most girls even discourage their own sisters or loved ones to desist from it. Excessive makeup is not good for two reasons; first, it costs lots of money, if you are glued to make-up, what will happen when the money is not there? Secondly, it speaks ill of a lady. Some people will never take you serious, if you are looking like a marine maiden. If you are searching for a serious relationship, it is always advisable to look simple, neat and natural, it pays awesomely. This will attract real men, and serious-minded fellows, unless you are still free styling, living your life without thinking of marriage.
Giving out your number to every dick and Harry
Stop giving out your mobile contacts to everyone that requires your attention. Some men like women that give them little stress. Some men also don’t like a woman that is always talking, and laughing endlessly with several men at every point in time. They will think you are a flirt or an escort. You may not necessarily be an escort, but they may think you are one. Some of them will simply flee after having a romantic affair with you or at any slightest disagreement.

These are the 5 I can say for now!


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