Mike Adenuga: 12 things you probably have not heard about him...

He is the second richest Multi-billionaire in Nigeria. He is the next in line after the Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world, and the richest African. Mike Adenuga makes his money
mainly in the oil & gas sector, and Telecommunication industries with an estimated net worth of $8 billion. He is the founder of Glo, Nigeria’s second largest mobile network, and of course Conoil, an oil firm. The 61-year old Nigerian has a workforce of over 6000 in his chains of companies.
Here are 12 truths probably you have never heard about him.
He is a stronger lover of sports. He has supported Nigerian athletes many times, but the most recent was when he glamorously dished out $1million to them after winning the 2013 African Cup of Nations. Then, afterwards, he gave the coach a whopping sum of $200,000 and even agreed to take care of his bills when he contemplated leaving the league. We won’t forget in a hurry that his telecomm industry was the proud sponsor of Nigeria’s premier league. Nigerians with an estimated 170 million population loves and respects him.
Mike Adenuga is happily married with seven kids, though from different women. He is known to be enjoying his polygamous lifestyle. Some say he married only, while others say three. But one or two of the women are said to be working in his telecomm industry. He is happily to Paddy, Titi Joyce Adenuga etc.
He read Business Administration at North-western Oklahoma State University and Pace, and attended a college in the United States of America.
At a point in his life, he had to drive a taxi in order to make ends meet. During his college days in U.S, Mike worked as a security guard. Upon his return to Nigeria, he worked in a small sawmill industry, which was owned by his father. But he didn’t stay there before setting out his business empire.
He passed through crucibles to get license for Global System for Mobile Communications License. He got it in 1999, and later on it was revoked by the government. Four bigger companies bided on it, when the then government organized an auction for it. CIL was almost at the verge of getting the license, but their dream was cut short when they couldn’t pay the mandatory $20 million deposit on time. That gave Mike Adenuga the opportunity to quickly raise the fund in 2002, and that was how his Globacomm Company won the license and the rest became history.
He became a millionaire in his construction business before diversifying to other areas. At the age of 20, Mike Adenuga has used his high-profile military allies to win mouth-watering contracts from the government says TheAfricanMillionaire.com. Some people believe that this relationship paved way for his wealth creation and escape from poverty- though this belief has not been confirmed by Mike Adenuga.  
Equatorial Trust Bank was a brainchild of Mike Adenuga. Within one decade, it became the largest commercial financial institution in the country, and grew to over 100 branches within ten years of its existence, before it was acquired by Sterling Bank Plc.
He got arrested and detained by Nigeria’s EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) in 2009. To avoid further torture and untold embarrassment, he fled to UK and lived there till he was granted a pardon. Some people believed that the pardon was given to him based on his strong political influence.
He has acquired his grave in 2013. This is a man that has conquered poverty and its antics. The world was shocked and moved when the news went viral online and social media that he has bought his burial site for a whopping sum of $1 million in Modern Vaults and Garden Cemetery located in a highbrow commercial area of Lagos State. This is a place where many of the top Nigeria’s affluent were buried.  
He is a giver to the core. His philanthropic disposition speaks volume. One of the secrets of highly successful people is being able to give back to the community. Mike Adenuga seems to have this in abundance. Nigerians will never forget in a hurry how he made a donation of $3.4 million to the victims of Bayelsa flood in 2012.
He lives in one of the highbrow areas of Lagos, Banana Island, with an estimated estate worth of $5million. Some visible features in the property include a church, a mosque, a yatch deck, a multipurpose hall, two watch towers, and eight duplexes.
The last but not the least, Mike Adenuga inherited an aristocratic and royal lineage. One of his great grandparents (Pariola) was famous in the middle of 19th century. Pariola was a successful business person, who had business empires ranging from stock fish, palm oil, food products and so on. The royal Adetona family of the popular Ijebu Kingdom is also traceable to Pariola.
Are there other things you know about him that were never mentioned here?