Memories of St. Valentine and Why we should show love this Valentine's day.


Every year, February 14th, is celebrated as lovers day which marks the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Saint Valentine so to say was imprisoned for performing wedding for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians
who were persecuted under the Roman Empire Gladius. Also because of his letter sent on February 14th comforting an anguished lady in prison cell. It is branded as “love Message” of 14th February.
       In Nigeria, the nation had hoped to share her love by voting on 14th February 2015 Presidential election but for security reasons and love for humanity it was put off.  Glory be to God. Every name has an antecedent or precedent that it is associated to, a name is good and celebrated especially when it has good attributes, conversely a name is not celebrated when it has evil tendency example Judas Iscariot.
 The word Love is synonymous to the word friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed so a saying. This replicates love in friendship. Different languages have different meaning for a particular word for instance friend which is love on ‘Quote’. In Greek, it is called Agape meaning love or ideal Christian love that flows from God to man in French language it is called ‘ami’ (friend), in Igbo it is known as ‘Enyim’or ‘Oyi m’, Hausa calls it ‘Aboki’ and Youruba Has it as …………… similarly the branded Aboki at the Imo government house has been recognized and celebrated for his love for humanity, Christians acknowledged him, pagans celebrated him while Muslims welcome it. 
      In as much as Nigerian politicians have no love for the nation; they should apologize to Nigerians for their misgiving and unpatriotic. They engage in killing human conscience that is people cannot vote for any credible candidate anymore except on money conscience. They are not reliable, they champion nepotism, bribery, and corruption, and they lack moral virtue and instrumental in teaching the young ones to tell lies. They insinuate civil strife and killings, they lack trust on one another and many more.
        All these are not the type of love St. Valentine enshrined every 14th February. Rather they are sensible love or Eros, this kind of love is characterized by fantasy, emotions, excessive passion etc. it is the love that primarily seeks one’s own happiness, it multiplies and insinuates troubles, problems and impedes progress, especially in social, academic and developmental lives of citizenry, therefore it should be avoided by all, especially our leaders. They should emulate the teaching of love by Jesus Christ which is Agape love or Christian love. Agape love is the love that knows no bounds, it is the kind of love that enables us to love those we do not like, it is a kind of love devoid of sexuality and inordinate passion it is a love that unites all and makes them rightful possessors of God’s kingdom, this Christian love is expressed Is generosity, service, works of mercy especially to the poor.
     Other type of love which is expected by all is called Philia or rational love: this type of love exists in friendship, marriage or in the family, such as father and son or mother and son, example David and Jonathan, Abraham and Isaac.
       In this type of love, man is by nature aware of his actions and demonstrates affection for persons that is love on the basis of its merits, the idea of politicians putting the nation into tension does not show love at all, the nation needs love from her leaders/politicians and it should be reciprocated through voting right. Project your manifestos, tell them what you need from them and wait for their response, and do not compel people against their conscience. The politicking of calumny, bitterness, rancor, acrimony are scaring and will never yield fruit, the youths equally should practice love devoid of lust and immoral pleasure. The measure of love, says Teresa of Calcutta is to love without measure. Ensure you make out time to give back to the needy, let someone beam with smile on your behalf today. Don’t stay without showering love to one another. For, God loves a cheerful giver, and the measure we give is the measure we shall receive. It is in giving that we receive.

from Comrade Chinedu Cletus Agubosim