I want to prevent Nigerians from going into cyber crime...Felix Iziomoh

We were privileged to meet one of the latest Nigerian celebrity; Felix Iziomoh. The man that have distinguished himself in many aspects of life including, public speaking, Leadership, Human Kinetics, Entrepreneurship,  and Development. Felix is also an author of two reputable books currently on sale in Amazon.com.  He is a consummate, credible and  had been a reliable source of  inspiration for many Nigerian youths. Among other things, Felix was the first graduate of the prestigious International Institute for Global Leadership, North Carolina, U.S.A. He is ever passionate to fight cyber crime in Nigeria.

Below are excerpts; read and be inspired:

We are excited to meet you Felix. Tell us about yourself:

My name is Iziomoh Felix. I am the Nigerian Coordinator for International Institute for Global Leadership situated in North Carolina, U.S.A; an organization where I received the vision for the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria. An NGO; that aims to empower renaissance of African leaders by providing them with Leadership and New Media Technology skills and tools to help them realize their full potentials and become productive citizens in their communities.   
I am a graduate in Human Kinetics from the University of Lagos and also a graduate in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development from the prestigious Institute for Global Leadership, U.S.A, where I received an award for exemplary work and achievement.
I enrolled for an online program in Social Entrepreneurship outlook program from the Centre for Social Initiative and Management, Chennai, India in 2012; I also have a certificate in Citizenship and Leadership training, Sea School, Lagos, Nigeria in 2005.
I served as Board member between 2009-2013 as the Executive Secretary and presently I am the Co- Vice President for the International Institute for Global Leadership, U.S.A.
Upon return from 7 months Leadership training programme in India named kanthari (www.kanthari.org) few weeks ago, I have initiated a new project named Shift. Shift aims to transform the mind-set of young individuals in order to reduce cyber-crime and work with Cyber Crime ex-offenders to avoid re-offending our communities and society at large.

I see the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria as a means of sharing my expertise and leadership skills on the National level while continuing to expand my leadership abilities.

 What has life taught you?
Life has taught me to be independent, to trust my judgement and to give people chances to prove themselves until proven otherwise. Sometimes life is so complicated, I use to say to people that life has no meaning; it is the meaning we give to it that we get.
What is your growing up like?
 I grew up in Dodan Barracks Obalende Lagos State, growing up was tough I must say.  I went to Army Children School, finished my Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). After my SSCE I got a job in a Supermarket immediately, where I worked for 6 years before entering into the University, because I had to save money to support myself in School.
Graduated from University of Lagos, after my Youth Service Corp, was at home for 9 months with no job, during that period I started writing because through the IIGL program I developed my writing skills.
Am glad to say that, the two manuscripts then is now published on amazon.com
The titles of the books are: Africa Leadership 101 and The Way Forward: 5 Effective Steps to Achieving Your Life Goals.
 Are you single?
No, I am happily married to a beautiful woman called Toyin
 Do you have any regret in life?
I will not really say regret.  I wish I knew sooner some things I knew then but I became stronger and I have learned from them, like I said earlier, life is complicated.
 What is your latest achievement?
Completing the 7 months Leadership Training Program in India named kanthari (www.kanthari.org), just two weeks ago.
 What are your dreams for the future?
Well, I have so many dreams for the future, I see a New Nigeria where cyber crime will be a thing of the past and a future where jobs will be available for the Nigerian youths, I also dream of having a centre where youths and ex-convicts will be empowered on New Media Technology.
  Are you winning the war against cyber crime in Nigeria?
We just started, I and my team members but I believe we will get there, with the cyber security awareness program which is aimed at improving the online security of young individuals and prevent them from going into cyber crime and also to create awareness so that others can take the necessary steps to avoid being a victim.
  What was your experience in International Institute for Global Leadership?
IIGL is a great experience for me because I have grown as a student to become the Nigerian Coordinator and the Vice President of the Institute. I am so indebted to IIGL. There is this book that changed my mind and is one of the first books I read when I enrolled in the program, ‘As a man thinketh’ by James Allen. I   learnt a lot from my mentors, Colleagues and students of IIGL.
I am so grateful to the Founder of the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL) in the person of Michael Lightweaver for bringing such a program that has transformed so many lives across the globe.
  What do you think are the most pressing challenges facing 21st century youths? And how will they conquer such challenges? 
  • Poverty:  Poverty impedes learning and contributes to social and behavioural problems. And guess what? There is no income to counteract these problems. Our society nowadays is too materialistic, most youth now want to get rich quick and drive good cars, wear designer clothes, go to the best places, travel abroad for better opportunities. There is a big opportunity for us to stop being so materialistic and in turn poverty wouldn’t be such an issue. Lastly, what I will say is if we can learn how to transfer favour rather than return favour, our society will be a better place and poverty will reduce.
  • Lack of role Models / Mentors: In order to remedy this issue, I think it is important that youth see examples of other successful people who have achieved success in different areas they aspire to be, doing just this will guide them and make them focus. We as youth have so much ability, potential, and influence (a lot of us just don’t know it!)
  • Unemployment is the real challenge that a youth faces, it is certainly how he/she will be able to survive in this world, getting a good job, earning money and reputation. This I speak considering the fact that it is a natural human tendency to first secure his future and think about his / herself before looking at a broader perspective like environment.
  • Start-up funding is another challenge, there are a lot of creative and innovative youths who have the ideas and are eager to start something good for themselves but the lack of funding has killed their ideas and thus makes them look for other opportunities to survive.
Kindly advice the Nigerian youths and eligible voters about the upcoming General elections next month
They should vote wisely and avoid getting into trouble.
Is there any other information you would like to share with us?
They should Watch out for my projects, and follow my events and programmes and be hopeful that things will be better.  My project video link is:  
Thanks for spending time with us.
Thank you