Continuity or Change in Imo 2015: What is the Best option for Imolites?

There was a great debate between the staff of Calvary International Secondary School, Orji Owerri on the topic: Continuity or Change: What is the Best option for Imo in the 2015 Governorship Election” January 16, 2015 at the school premises by 12noon.
On the proposing side we had: Mr. Chibike Nwachukwu,  Mr. Ethelbert Umeh, and Mr. Jonathan Nwosu, while on the opposing side we have: Mrs. Olivia Duru, Mr. Kelechi Agorua, Mr. Ikeri Godson.

The intellectual political battle kicked off immediately after the moderator Miss Joy Ugwuanyi; outlined the criteria’s for the debate which includes time maintenance, grammatical coherence etc. From the first speaker of the proposing, His major reasons why Rochas should continue were that he is a man who is educationally friendly who sacrificed his 4billion security vote for education. Also that he has made teachers to be proud of their profession as teachers unlike the past administrations. He added that in the area of agriculture, he has revitalized the palm production that has long ago died in Igbo land. Among his other reasons included that Rochas in his administration has clamp down on kidnappers and criminals with a formidable security measure in the state etc

On the opposing side, the first speaker Mrs. Olivia Duru
Pointed out that all the roads that the present governor has done in the state was with fake and inferior materials that cannot stand the test of time, also that the schools were poorly equipped and financed with deceit. Another remarkable point she made was that Rochas has tuned the state into a family government.

According to the second person’s opinion in proposing side, he made a laudable remark of the Rochas government which includes, the ICAPS, renovation of the house of assembly, European university in Orlu under capital development, in area of rural development, he pointed out that Rochas flagged off electricity and pipe born water scheme in many communities. He concluded by saying that Rochas both in area of human development and infrastructure is the best governor Imo has had since the creation of the state in 1976.

The second speaker on the opposing side still countered the free education of Rochas and said that it was all about fraud rather that the schools are not standardly equipped. Also in his opinion, he pointed out that Rochas cleared all the good legacies of his predecessor in the areas of beautification of the Owerri city. In his third point, he said that Rochas was not a fair play politician, always jumping from one party to the other.
The last speaker on Owelle’s continuity, Mr. Jonathan Nwosu started by countering the views the speakers in the opposing side presented saying, that their views were manipulated by selfishness and self centeredness. He added that Rochas has made a landmark in the area of education by reforming, equipping and funding even the students through provision of sandals, uniforms etc.
In the area of traditional institution, he asserted that Rochas has made the Eze’s to have their dignity in Igbo land, that Rochas has taken leadership to grassroots measure with provision of community government council, he also said that in the area of health that Rochas has created a watershed mark with reforms and provision of OchieDike Diagnostic kidney and cancer related center which he said is the best Diagnostic hospital in Nigeria

From the last speaker of the opposing side, he remarked that Rochas is exploiting the civil servants that the issue of toll-Gate was a settlement of his co-supporters because it was not completed while the money was deducted from the state account. He also made an alarming point that Rochas is so deceitful because he never keep his words  and that he is not transparent and broad in his government. In the area of sanitation, Mr Ikeri Godson said that Rochas has made Owerri city and Imo state a dirty place since his administration as against the past administration.

In summary of the whole arguments, Mr Jonathan on the proposing side pointed one that it is only Rochas that has ruled Imo state and can still raise his hand to be cheered by the people with popular slogan “My people, my people”, he also maintain that inquiries into the free education of Imo state is the best that is real without fraud and that Rochas has encourage ethnic harmony in Nigeria by appointing people outside the state into his government.

From the opposing side, he agued that Rochas is full of empty promises and not acceptable, he also pointed out that Rochas criticizes Ohakim for multiple appointments of S.A’s and P.A’s but did more than him and that Rochas is the most traveled governor with entourages which according to him is a waste of the state economy.
The deputy director; Mrs Nnenna Ihebom and the principal Mr Chidozie Chukwubuike thanked the teachers for their efforts, and encouraged the eligible voters to make right choices in casting their votes in the upcoming guber-election in the state.

It is important to note that the debate was among teachers. It was purely an intellectual banquet….

Do you think Rochas deserve a second tenure!!

He already has my vote!!!!

By Cletus Chinedu Agubosim